3 simple tips you can use right now to boost your response rate.

If you use emails for your online business than this information from my colleague Jeremy from quickmail.io  will help you. Just read it.


1. Shorter your mail is the better for you

3 simple tips you can use right now to boost your response rate in email marketing.

3 simple tips you can use right now to boost your response rate in email marketing.

Hi James,

I saw your details on the [ASSOCIATION] website, I hope you won’t mind me reaching out. In short, I’m a software entrepreneur trying to understand big pains that [YOUR MARKET] have to deal with on a regular basis and solve a big problem that will make your life easier.

What are the 3 biggest pains you have to deal with on a regular basis? Love to hear back from you, even if it’s only one sentence.

Kind regards,

2. You should Ask for just 1 thing…

This problem validation email got 10% response rate on super cold leads:

“Hi Dr Bond

Quick question – what’s your biggest issue right now with [SITUATION] ? I would love to hear back from you, even if it is only one sentence!

Make sure you ask your target for just 1 action. Have a clear idea of what you want them to do and ask just for that. This one got 55% response rate because people already expressed willingness to attend the Webinar

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Subject: How to get the most value out of QuickMail Webinar this Friday

” Hey James,

I saw you registered for the Webinar.

This is awesome, what would you like me to cover?

Be amazing,
Jeremy ”

3. Add some humour…

This is one of my automatic reminders I have setup in one QuickMail sequence. So far, everyone reaching this stage responded to this email:

“Hi James,

I’ve attempted to reach you, but have had no success. Either you’ve been eaten by alligators or you’re just plain swamped.

If you have been eaten by alligators, my deepest sympathy goes out to your family members.

If you’re still alive, one of the following is more likely to have happened. Pick one response and let me know what my next step should be:

____ Yes, I’ve been eaten by alligators. Please send flowers.

____ No, I haven’t been eaten by alligators, but you may wish I had been because I have decided I have no interest in someone helping my business. Sorry, you’re sunk (Thanks for the frank honesty. I can handle it)

____ Yes, I have some interest in hearing what you learnt from talking to and I’m happy to talk about how to improve my business, but here are my challenges: ……………………….

____ Yes, would be great to talk to likeminded people and see what good can come out of it, call me to set a time to discuss properly.

____ I’m not the right person, please contact ……………………….

____ Other: ………………………..



If you want to get an appointment with a larger organisation, then you can use this amazing “appropriate person” email from Breakthrough email : http://www.therisetothetop.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/ColdEmailTemplates.pdf

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