How to make money online in 2017: MLSP Mastery Review 

The MLSP Simple 5-Step Daily Action Plan to Fire Your Boss and Live Your Dream

The MLSP Simple 5-Step Daily Action Plan to Fire Your Boss and Live Your Dream

From the Desk of Kate McShea…

“I was a previous 2nd grade teacher with no online marketing, attraction marketing, no marketing knowledge in general.  I figured we could either learn the hard way and try to do it all ourselves, OR if we wanted to play it BIG and be SIGNIFICANT in the online marketing world, we needed to learn and be trained by other successful marketers. MLSP has given us access to 6, 7, and 8-figure marketers who are already masters in their online marketing craft.

And these 6, 7, and 8-Figure marketers generously train you and me and share their HOTTEST up-to-date tips and tricks and what’s working now in their businesses.

We knew deep deep down that we could be profitable our business as long as we were trained by the BEST.

And that’s what you get with the MLSP Membership… it’s absolutely PRICELESS!

MLSP has allowed us to…

Make $250 Commissions
Start having people Join Our Business on Autopilot  (65 people in 1 month!)
Generate 98 Leads in One Day
Make Sales on Complete Autopilot in My Specific Business


Kate McShea
Vancouver, Washington


From the Desk of Michelle Pescosolido.

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MLSP literally helped us DOUBLE our income from our business. We’ve been able to generate over 26,000 LEADS just with MLSP.

That’s 26,000 people we’ve been able to talk to about our business!

What is so great about MLSP Mastery  System?

Well, the great thing about MLSP is the TRAINING. All you have to do every day is :

  1. Log into my MLSP back office, log-in to the training
  2. Plug-in to the weekly webinars that they have
  3.  Learn from proven leaders & online business owners within this community.

And MLSP has the most amazing community out there. It’s about developing friendships and partnerships with people. They are there to support you in YOUR dream because they are going through the same process you’re going through with everyone just trying to earn a good, decent income from home!

Because of the success that I was able to have with MLSP, my husband was able to retire from his Corporate America job, and now we work our business tighter.

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This is Michelle’s review:

Hi there. This is Michelle Pesco Solido, coming to you from my home office here, just outside of Dallas in Frisco, Texas. I want to talk to you today about what MLSP Mastery means to me, my family, and our business.

No more mistakes

You see, when I first started out about three and a half years ago, and I wanted to take my business online, I was looking for a way to build it. At that time, I was a network marketer, struggling, looking for a way to build my network marketing business. I was sick and tired of chasing around friends and family and just hitting up my warm market. I knew there had to be a better way.

I stumbled on the internet, found that there were systems out there, found that there were ways that you could build your network marketing business online. I was seeing success stories everywhere, but I couldn’t quite figure it out. In fact, there was so much information out there, that I was overwhelmed. I was confused. I was ready to throw in the towel.

There were many nights that I was on the verge of tears thinking I just couldn’t figure this thing out. That’s when I stumbled upon … At that moment I wanted to quit … My Lead System Pro, which saved my business. I was almost ready to quit.

Why did it save my business? Well, when I first started out, I needed a way to talk to people. I needed a way to generate leads, and I didn’t have that, because I wasn’t willing to chase around that warm market. I started with MLSP, and then they released what’s called MLSP Mastery, which literally doubled our income. You see, MLSP Mastery, what’s great about it is, is there are other six and seven-figure leaders within the system that have created products for us to go out and promote and earn 100% profit. You’re immediately putting cash money right into your pockets. Seed money, is what I like to call it. Maybe money you want to use towards advertising.

If you’re a network marketer, you know sometimes it takes a lot of time to build your business. This was a great way to push our business forward into profit to where we could continue to stay at home, work from home, and build a business, build multiple businesses online. We’ve been able to generate over 26,000 leads in the past three and a half years just with MLSP Mastery. 26,000 leads. A little over that. That is over 26,000 people we have been able to talk to about our business, about MLSP Mastery, and how it can help them also build a profitable business.

Earn 100% profit off of MLSP products

Another great thing … Like I said before, we’re able to go out there and leverage other marketers, other six and seven-figure leaders’ products, and earn 100% profit off of their products. Not only that, not everybody’s going to join you if you’re a network marketer in your business. It just may not be a fit for them, but the great thing about MLSP Mastery is now you’re giving them a way to also earn money online while they’re trying to either build their affiliate marketing business or their network marketing business or whatever that may be.

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You can use these ‘MLSP Profit Campaigns’ right now to build YOUR e-mail list and sell select MLSP products to earn 100% of the PROFIT (minus a tiny merchant transaction fee)!

Any MLSP ‘Pure Profit Products’ sold through these links will be credited to you, and you will get paid on every sale.

Sharing the websites below is one of the fastest ways to give VALUE to your prospects, get leads, build YOUR list, and earn affiliate commissions!

MARKETING TIP: the simplest thing to do if you want to market & share the campaigns below… is to choose the campaign you want to promote, and create some copy that is similar to that particular funnel’s Headline. Use this in your status update, ad, tweet, etc. so that your ad is congruent with the offer / giveaway / training in the campaign below… and then share the campaign link! SO SIMPLE!

MLSP Mastery Training

The great thing, also, about MLSP Mastery is the training. I don’t have to go out on Google or on Bing, Yahoo, and search for the best product, and then worry that maybe this isn’t coming from a trustworthy person, or the product’s not going to be of quality, or it’s not going to teach me what I’m looking to master as far as marketing goes. All I have to do is log into my MLSP Mastery office. Log into the training, and plug in to the weekly trainings that they have and know that I’m going to learn from proven leaders within this community.

Not only that, now that I’ve said community, I have to say, MLSP Mastery has the most amazing community out there. It’s about developing friendships. It’s about developing partnerships with people. There are people there to support you in your dream, because you know what? They’re going through the same process you’re going through, and they’re all trying to achieve either network marketing success, internet marketing success.They all want the freedom to work from home and earn a good, decent income from home so they don’t ever have to go back to the corporate job or that rat race that my husband was once in. Because of MLSP Mastery and the success that I was able to have, he was able to retire from his corporate America job. Now we both work the business together.

If you’re looking for a way to leverage a system that has all the tools that you need to be successful online, to be able to build a successful business, I want to encourage you to look at MLSP Mastery, because it has changed my life, our business, and our entire family.
Thank you, MLSP Mastery, for changing our lives.

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MLSP Affiliate Strategies

My affiliate referrals program for best affiliate marketers

My affiliate referrals program for best affiliate marketers

MLSP has one of the most powerful, lucrative, and innovative affiliate programs in online business today.

This is what you can do with With MLSP:

  • you can Build your own personal brand, and have your blog online in 1 click… SITES:
  • you can Create your own funnels and oyur own offers that will sell YOUR products;
  • you can Follow up with your interested prospects with a professional CRM system – customer relationship manager;
  • you can Build your own e-mail  List simply and easy by giving away done for you very valuable video training and gifts, PDF’s and downloads;
  • you can Get live ongoing Lead-generation Training from the best leaders in our profession;
  • you can Access the MLSP community – the most supportive friendly group of entrepreneurs and business owners online today;
  • you can, As an MLSP member,  learn to brand and build YOU thru the MLSP education system and training portal. And because you have chosen to become an MLSP affiliate, you can and will be PAID even when people say NO to your business opportunity, product, or service…

Get paid for your MLSP clicks!

As an MLSP member you can also share the invaluable MLSP blog posts, track clicks, drop affiliate cookies, and you will get paid when prospects click YOUR MLSP blog posts links and buy any MLSP product(s).

Develop YOUR BRAND while earning commissions from MLSP 

This is a cool concept: EARN AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS as you develop YOU and  YOUR BRAND, learn and grow, increase your skill-sets and become more valuable to the marketplace. And these up-front ‘on-the-side’ affiliate commissions are VITAL to your business because ALL businesses will take some time to develop, mature, and get in PROFIT… and you need cash-flow NOW. This is how the MLSP Affiliate Program can help you stay in business long enough to start seeing some actual PROFITS!

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