Get Free Viral Traffic System - Join Cashblurbs

Get Free Viral Traffic System – Join Cashblurbs

This article is about The Hidden Gem of Cashblurbs Viral Traffic System

Cashblurbs or how to get viral traffic to your site system review

Cashblurbs or how to get viral traffic to your site system review


CashBlurbs is a tool that helps you to get free viral traffic to your site using hundreds of other people Facebook and twitter accounts. You are almost 100% guaranteed to get traffic to your offers or site  with CashBlurbs. Nobody can guarantee whether you make sales or not is not up to traffic – It’s up to your offers!

Get viral traffic now!

This is how Cashblurbs system works:

  1. First you have to Register (subscribe to Cachblurbs).
  2. Than you will be able to login into the members area.

Next you will see the current top 10 most recent CashBlurbs (ads) posted by Unlimited (upgraded) members. If you’re an Unlimited member, all new CashBlurbs that you post will instantly appear in the first position below, and gradually drop down as other Unlimited members post.



Cashblurbs viral traffic system review by Gennadii Babak


4. To get started you need to first enter the link to one or more of your Facebook or twitter pages in you Cashblurbs account members area. You can enter up to 10 different Facebook and or Twitter page links but you must enter at least one link.


The reason for this is that every time you login to post a cache blurb of your own on our website you must first share the cash blurb of another member , just like other members will be sharing your cash blurbs. So this is exactly what makes our revolutionary social traffic forwarding system work to your benefit.
So if you don’t have a Facebook or twitter page you need to create one for free right away so that you can begin using cash blurbs.  
it’s easy to set up a Twitter account and it’s free just simply go to you’ll see a signup form  – fill out the form and follow their instructions that’s all there is to it and you’ll have a twitter account. Signing up for Facebook is just as easy – just go to Facebook and fill out the form that says sign up so before you know it you’ll have your free Facebook account.
Now assuming you have a Facebook and or Twitter account let’s set up your cash blurbs account information.
To enter your Facebook or twitter page links scroll down to the account information and member status box,  locate the section that says add another Facebook or twitter page and simply enter the link to your Facebook or twitter page.
The Facebook page can be your personal Facebook profile or a separate Facebook page such as a business product or fan page that you’ve created on Facebook.
To get the link for your personal  Facebook profile login to your Facebook account and then click on your name and go to your profile in your web browser bar you should now see the link to your Facebook profile. Click and drag your mouse over the links to highlight it and then right-click your mouse and select copy then simply paste it into the field provided inside your cash blurbs member area. Remember you can save the links for up to 10 different Facebook or twitter pages of your own so that you have options as far as what page you like to share cash blurbs on.

5. The final step to setting up your membership is to upload a family-friendly picture to represent your account. Than you are ready to post your ads (Cashblurbs) but first…

6. You will need to repost to your Facebook or Twitter page one of the members ads (Cashblurbs).

Repost to your Facebook or Twitter page one of the members ads (Cashblurbs)

Repost to your Facebook or Twitter page one of the members ads (Cashblurbs)

7. After that you may post your Cashblurbs (ads) into the system and other members will repost it to their social accounts.  This is how my Cashblurbs looks like:

Post your Cashblurbs (ads) into the viral traffic system

Post your Cashblurbs (ads) into the viral traffic system

Than you will have possibility to post new Cashblurbs every 20 minutes. And you will also see all posted Cashblurbs at the bottom of your members area.

Does it really work?

When I started using Cashblurbs viral traffic system I began receiving traffic and clicks almost INSTANTLY. So if you are good with creating small ads for your offers offers than using traffic from Cashblurbs system you will generate lot of commissions from your affiliate sales.

Get viral traffic now!


Tip #1. Consistency is your key: well, the more CashBlurbs (ads) you will post, the more traffic you will get. In my own most recent test  – just 5 CashBlurbs I made gave me 45 clicks to website!
You should compare that to the .50+ cents you are paying per click on your Facebook Ads campaign – that is $22.50 worth of advertising that you have received from CashBlurbs with just a few minutes of work…

It would only take you 5 minutes per day to post 5 CashBlurbs and especially if you are using some of the same ads multiple times. So figuring this very modestly….  Even if you only got let us say 15 clicks per day per every 5 CashBlurbs, that would still equal 450 clicks per the month, which is 225 dollars worth of advertising since  at average we pay 0.50 cents per click rate.

So I am sure you will agree that  is pretty impressive?! So if you have not subscribed for Cashblurbs system than it is time to do this. SUBSCRIBE FOR CASHBLURBS.

Get viral traffic now!

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